A change of Season

We are in the midst of everything Fall. Temperatures are falling steadily, and our parks and gardens are turning yellow, orange, or brown. People are busy planning their end-of-year holidays or finalizing their financial projections and budgets for 2023. 

And how do these weather and seasonal conditions affect the sale of your listings? And why do you need to invest more in marketing to reach your sales goals? 

Fall and the real estate market

Let us first explore the seasonal reasons that happen year after year. All of these are related to the effects of nature on the real estate market. 

  • Real estate pictures taken during the Fall tend to be less attractive than those shot in Spring or Summer. This is because the lawns are less green, flowers are not blooming, and the skies can be grey. However, you can offset most of these with WALKINTOUR® photo retouch products that realistically restore the beauty of your listing.  
  • Homebuyers with school-age children are less active during the Fall. The season is right in the middle of the school year. That means fewer potential buyers and the need for extra marketing efforts to reach active buyers. 
  • Cold weather discourages many buyers from visiting houses. So during these cold months, you must have a Single Property Website enabled with a 3D WALKINTOUR® to give your potential customers a complete “digital open house” experience without the discomfort of driving during the Fall. 

Your real estate marketing experts for every season

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, selling a home in our current era of high-interest rates is a challenge. Keeping your real estate marketing visually attractive and technologically updated will help you achieve your sales goals.