Spotlight your empty spaces and make them appear more lively with Virtual Staging!

Potential homebuyers are 90% visual. They choose, fall in love, and approve or disapprove based on what they see. Clients tend to prefer richer images with color, shapes, light, and texture.  

So if you get an empty house to sell, you have a problem to solve. The pictures of a barren home are less attractive than those of a lived-in and tastefully decorated home.

You can achieve the same premium look with WALKINTOUR Virtual Staging. Furniture, tableware, flowers, pictures, and everything your home needs to look magnificent is digitally added. You get a wider choice of decorative styles as Stagers will no longer constrain you. Your pictures on the internet, the ones that bring the people in, will feel natural. Everything happens online with no physical effort needed. 



What can VIRTUAL STAGING do to help showcase the natural surroundings for your properties?


  1. Virtual staging is quick! It’s only a 48 hour turn around.
  2. No hassle of having to schedule a staging company.
  3. Fully showcase the potential of any listing.


Take advantage of the best priced solution on the market! We offer custom quotes for large commercial projects. For more information, contact us now.