Spring is a critical time for realtors.

Spring is a busy time for real estate agents. Fully 40% of all home sales occur between April and July.  The warmer weather allows for easier homebuyer mobility and more showings and Open Houses. 

Get ready now

So, it is critical for anyone in the real estate business to get ready for this popular season for buying and selling homes. Here are some ways a realtor can get prepared for the Spring season:

  1. Review and update your marketing strategy: Realtors should review it to ensure they use the most effective channels to reach potential clients. They may consider increasing their advertising budget or trying new marketing techniques such as Single Property Websites, social media ads, or targeted email campaigns.
  2. Analyze local market trends: Realtors should analyze local market trends to understand what buyers and sellers are looking for. Then, they can use this information to better position themselves and their listings in the market. If you work in the Bay Area of California, visit The Cal Agent’s Lex Shan monthly Real Estate Market Insight
  3. Get their listings ready: Realtors should ensure they are updated and accurate, with recent professional photos and detailed descriptions. They may also consider virtually staging the home’s pictures to make it more attractive to potential buyers.
  4. Build relationships with potential clients: Realtors can build relationships with potential clients offline by attending community events, hosting open houses, and reaching out to past clients. For the critical Online environment, consider recording an Agent Interview to get your customers to “know” you better even before the first call.
  5. Prepare for busy schedules: Spring is a busy time for real estate agents, so prepare for long hours and a high volume of clients. And even then, you cannot always match your schedule with your client’s. Consider using a 3D WALKINTOUR® that your customers can visit anytime, from any device, to get a realistic impression of your listing.

We are here to help

Overall, preparing for the spring season involves a combination of offline and online marketing, market analysis, client relationship building, and organization. WALKINTOUR® has a complete portfolio of photographic and video products to help you have the best real estate Spring season ever.