Record-breaking rains

California´s Bay Area is experiencing the wettest January in 161 years! The heavy rains are so unprecedented that some cities have already received all the rainfall expected for 2023 in these first three weeks of the year. 

The weather has many impacts, good and bad, on human activities.  We initiate or cancel many projects based on the weather. Think about sports events, outings, social occasions, and many other moments affected by rainy weather. 

Selling homes is a part of this list. Buyer motivation decreases when they face a drive under the rain to an open house that might get canceled due to weather. Inspections of the home’s outdoor spaces are not attractive during rain. Maintenance problems worsen during the rainy season. 

Tips for the rainy season

But a realtor’s job is to sell homes fast and profitably under rain, water, or snow. Following are some online and offline tips to keep your listings active during what the experts expect to be the wettest Winter in decades. 

  • Open all curtains, and let the light in. Potential buyers want to avoid entering a gloomy room that reflects the bad weather outside. 
  • Place umbrellas at the main entrance and backyard access. Many visitors forget to bring their umbrellas, and you want to facilitate their transit through the house as much as possible.
  • Offer a warm, inviting drink to your open-house guests. That will help them picture the house as a cozy home they could enjoy living in.
  • Improve your listing’s digital presence. For example, if you shoot your pictures during the rainy season, you can use WALKINTOUR® Premium Processing to brighten any image. In addition, our Virtual Staging service can turn any room into an attractive, sunny space without needing any physical effort. 

We can help with maintenance, too

Also, remember to clean the gutters; your potential buyers will undoubtedly check them out. For other water-related problems, such as mold or flood damage, WALKINTOUR® partnered with 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Hayward and Dublin to help our customers in the Bay Area repair those problems. 

You can claim a FREE aerial photo session by referring a client to 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Hayward and Dublin. Check conditions here or call 1 (510) 999-8840 to learn more about this partner’s services. 

Do not let the weather stop your real estate business, no matter how extreme it gets. Let WALKINTOUR® and our partners help keep your listings attractive and perfect offline and online.