An evolving marketing landscape

Real estate marketing is constantly evolving. Homebuyers now expect more information before asking for a visit to a home for sale. And it is visual information that gets them going. 

At WALKINTOUR we are aware of this, so we are constantly developing new products allowing your marketing to follow the latest trends. One of those products is Cinematic Lifestyle Video,  a video showcasing the property and the desirable lifestyle it enables. It incorporates cinematic storytelling techniques, engaging visuals, and immersive music beyond traditional property photos or virtual tours.

The reasons to move ahead

Realtors should use cinematic lifestyle videos for marketing their listings for several compelling reasons:

  1. Increased Social Media Engagement: With the growing popularity of video content, Cinematic Lifestyle Videos have the potential to generate higher engagement on online platforms. They are more likely to be shared on social media, attracting a wider audience and potentially reaching prospective buyers who may not have been actively searching for a property. 
  2. Emotional Connection: Lifestyle cinematic videos create an emotional connection with potential buyers, eliciting emotions and aspirations and making viewers envision themselves living the lifestyle depicted in the video.
  3. Showcasing the Surrounding Area: A cinematic lifestyle video can effectively highlight the attractive features of the neighborhood, including nearby amenities, parks, schools, shopping centers, and entertainment options. Thus, the video enhances the property’s desirability and showcases the value of the location.
  4. Differentiation and Competitive Advantage: Standing out is crucial in a saturated real estate marketing environment. Realtors can differentiate themselves from competitors who rely solely on static images or basic virtual tours by using a cinematic lifestyle video. Cinematic Lifestyle Videos positions the realtor as a tech-savvy professional dedicated to presenting properties in the best possible light.
  5. Enhanced Branding and Professionalism: Utilizing lifestyle cinematic videos demonstrate a realtor’s commitment to delivering high-quality marketing materials. It enhances the professional image and reputation of the realtor and their agency, positioning them as innovative and forward-thinking professionals. 

In summary, a Cinematic Lifestyle Video offers realtors an effective and engaging marketing tool to showcase properties and the associated lifestyle. By creating an emotional connection, highlighting the neighborhood, differentiating from competitors, increasing online engagement, and enhancing branding, realtors can attract more potential buyers and leave a lasting impression that sets their listings apart.

Click here to watch a sample of Cinematic Lifestyle Video by WALKINTOUR®