A business based on Trust

Real Estate is a business where trust is critical. Customers approach you to fulfill their dream of owning a home. Therefore, their interaction leads to a financial commitment for decades to come. Usually, customers want to feel that they know you well enough for such an important transaction. 

So, realtors must build a trustworthy image that homebuyers can easily understand and relate to. This image needs to consistently cover everything you do in a professional context, in what is now called “personal branding.” A “personal brand” is the process by which we market ourselves to others in the formula Your Personality + Your Promise = Your Personal Brand. 

Personal branding in the digital era

And in our digitally-driven times, building an attractive personal brand online is as essential, even more, than offline. Your digital presence needs to be consistent with the Personal Brand you have chosen to portray, and that includes:

  1. Your business’ website. Make it clear what you do, what services you offer, and what personal values motivate you.
  2. Your presence on any social media platform you own. It must reflect the above. Upload frequent content about your listings, the communities you serve, and the lives you improve. Be sure to have permits for all content. 
  3. Your presence on any social media platform where you appear. Read everything posted about you and your business on social media, and comment or even ask for deletion if it is inconsistent with your Personal Brand. 

We have solutions for you

In WALKINTOUR®, we have developed a solution that addresses a realtor’s need for a strong, healthy Personal Brand. Our Cinematic  Video product can include an Agent interview. With Agent Interviews, customers visiting your digital platforms can see who you are, listen to your voice, and get a much better sense of who they will be dealing with while purchasing the home of their dreams. 

Agent Interviews can be recorded on a property you are trying to sell, so the resulting content is doubly valuable and can be used for an extended period. 

We know that today’s real estate market is highly competitive and that customers can be picky about whom they deal with. Therefore, having professionally recorded and edited material showing yourself under the best possible conditions is a must to build a Personal Brand that lowers barriers and encourages potential homebuyers to enter the market under your guidance and expertise.