Photography is all about light.

For every kind of photography, light is essential. A competent photographer studies all sides and angles of the object or scenes.  Professionals detect those spots where light is enough for the project and those where support lighting is required. 

But in real estate, this can be complicated. Houses are complex objects to photograph. Light does not reach every corner of a house in the same way. Trees or neighboring houses sometimes block important architectural features from direct sunlight. As a result, some spaces that look attractive and cozy at dawn or dusk can look plain and boring when shot at noon. 

Know how the house is oriented

So how can you obtain the best return on investment from your photography investment? The first element you need to have is how the house is oriented. Orientation will show you when you will naturally get the best lighting for your shoot.

In general,

  • East facing properties: try to schedule the shoot for early morning.
  • West facing houses: you will get better results during the afternoon.
  • North: times between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM are better
  • South: the earlier in the day, or the late hours, are best. 

If nature and time do not help, try technology

But Realtors know that client schedules, photographers’ availability, and weather conditions are tough to align. But the market and MLS platform still demand memorable pictures and videos highlighting what makes a property special. 

For those problematic shoots, WALKINTOUR® provides digital solutions that improve the consistently excellent results of its professional photographers. Using these solutions is not a misrepresentation of a property’s attributes, just an enhancement of how those features look.

  •  Twilight photography: Our twilight photos add interest and cachet to any listing. Each image is meticulously processed, ensuring you’ll get beautiful colors in every shot.







  • Premium Processing: we can brighten rooms, enhance windows, and showcase the best of a property, no matter how difficult the shooting conditions are.







The best listings deserve a reasonable extra investment to ensure that location, weather, and sunlight play a lesser part in attracting potential buyers.