A digital revolution

Over the past couple of decades, the digital revolution has profoundly changed all businesses. Whether in commercial processes, payments, customer service, or advertising, business people today need to use the web wisely to survive. 

Before digital, Real Estate was a person-to-person business. It still is to a great extent. Realtors need to build trust with home buyers before closing any transaction. Few houses change hands sight unseen or without a physical visit. 

However, the digital revolution has found its way into Real Estate. Statistics show that a whopping 93% of all home buyers search for their new home online. Gone are the days of looking at newspapers ads or driving around the neighborhood.

Building online trust

So now, the challenge for realtors is to build the same amount of trust online that they did in person before. Unfortunately, with the web being full of distractors and scams, this is not as easy as it seems. And also, your competition has the same access to the web that you have. 

That is why each of your listings, especially the premium ones, needs a single-property website. A single-property website is dedicated 100% to highlighting one property. As a result, potential buyers that visit those websites do not get attracted to competing offers. That attraction frequently happens in Multiple Listing Services (MLS).

Advantages of single-property websites

There are many other advantages to single-property websites. Amongst the top ones,single-property websites

  • Make your property easier to find on the web. Getting a customer to find and focus on your digital information is complicated. A single-property website has a unique URL and keywords that lead to a higher ranking on web searches. 
  • Make your listing look more professionally managed. In addition, with today’s editing solutions, you can add many elements to personalize your website, therefore not diluting your online branding. 
  • Can host all kinds of media such as pictures, videos, and printable handouts. The combination of media makes potential buyers spend more time at the website and more likely to consider the property.
  • Make contacting your business and setting up appointments easier for customers. 

A simple process

Building a website might seem a daunting task for persons that do not have a technical background. But with today’s drag-and-drop tools and easy-to-use templates, this is no longer a lengthy process.

Total quality is needed

The quality of the materials you add to your single-property website will directly affect the number and quality of the sales leads that you get. Therefore, it is always better to choose professionals who take your property’s photos or videos and are responsible for your website solution. Remember that customers’ attention is fickle and that your single-property website with those of other homes. No detail is too small in today’s digitally-driven, hypercompetitive business environment.