No matter your business, new names for technological innovations always pop up. And as soon as you understand the scope of the word and use it in your professional communication, it immediately becomes obsolete. Instead, something new, shinier, and more exciting comes up. 

A name that you will hear more often is “Digital Twin.”  Already familiar in real estate circles, the digital twin is sure to become important in many other industries. We will explain why.

The precise definition

Let us define digital twin as “the digital representation of a physical object data, state, relationship, and behavior.” To build a digital twin, specialized camera equipment such as Matterport is employed to scan a space in all its detail. Additionally, the most modern devices can work indoors and outdoors, and no fact is left out. 

Therefore, the uses become endless once you have a digital twin of your real estate listing, your hotel´s room, facilities, or any other kind of space. In addition, practically all the industries that have an offline operation can benefit from having this data. 

The many uses in many industries

  • The travel & lodging industry. Imagine exploring and feeling your room, pool, gardens, beaches, or any other feature of your vacation destination. Travel marketing is enhanced with digital twins and becomes more convincing and compelling.
  • Training. With a digital twin, you can train a sales force, technicians, or any other employee that needs a complete understanding of a facility, even before they physically report to work. 
  • Remodeling and engineering. Vendors have information about heights, sizes, and volumes without traveling to the site. You can add tags, and notes can be added to enable collaboration between persons thousands of miles away. 

Whatever the industry, the savings in travel expenses and time are incredible. In addition, investing in digital twins always results in more agile projects, with all the stakeholders accessing the same level of information accessible from anywhere, anytime. 

At WALKINTOUR® we employ the latest Matterport technology. We have expertise in real estate, boats and yachts, and many other industries. We can show you the advantages of a digital twin for any project you may have.