A very often repeated quote about real estate is that only three elements give value to a property: “Location, Location, Location.” It is unclear who said it first, but it has remained in real estate education and widespread knowledge since the early 1920s. 

Different things to different people

Location can mean many things: GPS coordinates, City, County, and ZIP Code. But for most homebuyers, it means a neighborhood. Especially when families are involved, choosing the right community might be even more critical than granite countertops or square footage. 

So knowing how to market a neighborhood can be a crucial part of your listing’s marketing strategy. Including engaging visual and written content of the property’s community can help you catch buyers’ attention and get them to request a tour. 

“Soft” and “hard” data

What engages buyers the most about a neighborhood? Homebuyers are looking for a combination of “hard” and “soft” data. Some hard ones are

  1. School district rating – an evaluation of the quality of the local education system.
  2. Walkability score – a ranking of how possible it is to solve life’s needs by walking in an area.

The soft ones are no less important and need more visual aids to get fully transmitted. Nearby historical sites, unique restaurants, cafés, markets, parks, monuments, art galleries, music venues, museums, sports facilities, and any permanent feature that distinguishes and adds value to the neighborhood will pique the interest of potential buyers. 

Let us help you market the neighborhood

We live in the visual era, and WALKINTOUR® professional photographers can take neighborhood photos as an add-on to your home photography and video purchase. Also, our Exterior WALKINTOUR can catch the intimate ambiance of a home’s location, while aerial photography and video allow you to show the house’s closeness to unique sites dramatically.  

Our professional photographers understand the importance of recording neighborhood images and plan their shoots accordingly. They are also knowledgeable about local restrictions and regulations, and that material they take never infringes upon third-party rights. 

Real estate marketing is a crowded arena, and you need all the help you can get to stand out and get calls. Well-written and illustrated content about your listing’s community helps you attract the kind of attention you want.